COMET Corporate Profile

COMET:A Company committed to the development of Strobe

COMET is taking a major role in the history of Strobe System for Professional use since we started the development of strobe system made of the vacuum tubes.

Though the electric circuit then took about 15 seconds to recharge the strobe, the transistor circuit shortened the recycling time (recharging time) to about five seconds.
Then the LSI and CPU technology helped us shorten the recycling time to 1.1 second and the constant flash light and the multi-functions were achieved.
COMET combined power pack and strobe head and small and light weight "Mono Block Type" strobe was introduced.
This "Mono Block Type" lets you use strobe in various shooting places other than studios.
Nowadays, we have a line up of computer controlled strobe and Local Area Network type strobe that are the essential part of the cutting edge lighting system to address digital photo imaging technology.

It is our mission to support professional photographers for their creative performances. COMET is always committed to developing such lighting technology.

Expanding the fields of COMET

The lighting produced by COMET products are utilized in the various fields in combination with various equipments.

Our lighting products cover not only the visible range, but also the range of Ultra Violet and infrared rays. We believe our UV pulse sterilization system, infrared rays based Security Camera and Non-Destructive Inspection System are quite beneficial for our society.

We are very happy to offer you our know-how and we are always ready to answer to your questions about photographic lightings.

In the Medical and Educational fields

Various kinds of Strobes are used in the hospital.
Custom made Strobes are used in the sections such as surgery, pathologic anatomy, endoscope and microscope operation.
COMET strobes are now common used in the Hospitals, Research Institutes and Universities.

For example, the Agricultural Department of the Tokyo University is using COMET made Strobes for Microscope and their marine experimental installation.

In the Police and Fire Departments

COMET Strobes are utilized at Police and Fire Departments nationwide in Japan.
At the Crime Identification Laboratories and when recording crime scenes, our CA, CX, CL, ILSs are used for their high output and precision and Battery operated PMT1200α LB400 are used for their mobility.

In the Cultural Assets Research fields

The National Research Institute for Cultural Properties, Nara, for example, Research Institutes and Museums are some of our precious customers.
CA, CX, CL, and the CB series, etc. are used to take pictures of a valuable cultural asset, the specimen, and the materials unearthed.
Strobe lightings are essential in taking pictures of valuable cultural objects because they are less harmful than tungsten lights in terms of heat and because they are close to the sunlight in color temperature.

In the Press and Broadcasting fields

The Strobe lights are widely used in the areas of TV Broadcasting.
For example, Strobes that are synchronized for the high-definition television and TV cameras are used on the site of making TV programs.
Other than that major Newspapers such as the Asahi Shimbun Company, the Yomiuri Shimbun, the Mainichi Newpapers and the Sankei Shimbun are using COMET Strobes for the press activities.
Famous advertising agencies such as the Dentsu, and the Hakuhodo are also our user.

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