The Technology of COMET

Products Lineup

Products Lineup | Image

COMET is more than a strobe factory.
We offer our users wide range of products such as Flash Meter, Strobes and Remote Controlled Light Bank System.
We also handle accessories such as Umbrella, Grid Spot, Light Stand and Carrying Case that are helpful for professional photographers.
We import topnotch professional products made by companies such as CHIMERA and Bowens International to enhance the usability of COMET Strobes.
The combination of COMET Strobes and various accessories let you establish a highly professional and efficient lighting system.
We keep abreast of the Desk Top Publishing Techniques at Printing Industry and the Digital Camera oriented lighting system in order to develop cutting edge products.

The reliability and the durability

The reliability and the durability | Image

We,COMET, have a line up of heavy duty models for rental business and high precision model with consumer price range.
We continue upgrading our products to increase the reliability and the durability. This also increases our technological level.
For instance, the CA-3200 model was well known for its high accuracy in output variator level. Our newly launched CA-3200II model was modified to widen the range of output variation by the dual variator circuits and shift function.

Compactness of Strobe System

We understand that the professional photographers are always keen to obtain Strobes with High Output, Short recycling time and more importantly lightweight and compact size.
One of our power pack achieved a compact size of 169×112×156mm and 2.8kg in weight.
Not only the location model but also the studio type model such as CX-124III is made as small as 296×296×169mm,9.6kg with the very short 1.1 second recycling time.
Battery type model PMT-1200αlets you shoot 100 times at full output at 1200WS by using a very efficient Nickel Metal Hydride Battery.
High output but compact size and light weight. That is out our policy of manufacturing.

The safety and the usability

The safety and thie usability | Image

The usability of Strobes mainly depends on the design of the control panel and the display.
COMET ever launched the product equipped with the digital output variator function that were controlled C.P.U.
We decided to adopt the conventional rotary knob for the output variator without digitalizing all kinds of user interface.
This is because we preferred analog knobs to digital indicators because they are easy to operate.

COMET is committed to human friendly design of products.

Quick Charge

One of the essential factor of the performance of Strobe is the time needed for charging and recharging.
A quick, certain charge decides the shutter chance, and, in addition, the rhythm of taking a picture is made.
Even a full charge achieves 0.6 seconds from 3.6 seconds in the CX series of the COMET for 1.1 seconds in the CA series.
In order to charge and recharge electricity steadily under various studio conditions, Charge Speed selector ensures sure and steady charging of Strobes.

Automatic exposure bracketing

Exposure bracketing is one of the most important idea in taking pictures.
COMET designed Strobes that offers exposure bracketing functions that does not depend on the aperture control of cameras.

Constant light output

This strobe controlled automatic bracketing is enabled by the accuracy of output power of COMET strobes.
Usually, the actual output of Strobes are not constant enough when the selected output power is very low.
The COMET achieved the fluctuation of the output to ±0.03EV or less at all output power range. This specification enabled the automatic bracket function and the output variator of high accuracy.

Strobe Head is the another essential part of the Strobe System

Strobe Head is the another essential part of the Strobe System | Image

The COMET adopted the xenon lamp units that the strobe heads are combined with glass gloves.
This helps you change the lamp units without any tools and that helps you to continue shootings. There are a frost type glass globes and a clear type glass glove and you may choose
The xenon lamp unit of this plug Inn method is scheduled to be adopted for all heads of the COMET in the future.
We have Power Packs and Mono Block Type strobes that are world voltage type.

The world voltage model

The world voltage model automatically select the power voltage to let you use Strobes under various conditions.

* Modeling Lamps needs to be replaced depending on the power voltage.

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